Our social media at Starboard Medical has always focused on our products and our particular industry.  With this blog, we are trying something more personal for the new year! The new year is the start of new beginnings in bettering yourself and your lifestyle. Creating new year’s resolutions is a common practice, yet many of us struggle to keep up with them. With the start of 2023, here are ways you can keep up your resolutions all year. 

To start off, it is important to be realistic with your goals. Make sure each resolution you are making is attainable, yet still challenges you. When you are too optimistic and set unreasonable goals, you then become disappointed and unmotivated when you don’t reach them. It is important to find a resolution that is the perfect medium to attain and challenge yourself. 

Once you’ve come up with a few goals, outline a plan on how you will reach them. Oftentimes with new year’s resolutions, people put in all their effort in January and are burnt out by February. By outlining a plan, setting deadlines, and taking these goals step by step, you are able to obtain them and continue reaching them all year. 

Ensure you are reaching your goals and making progress by keeping a journal. Track your progress and hold yourself accountable if you see yourself slacking.  

We hope that these tips help keep you motivated in the new year. Starboard Medical wishes all of you and your loved ones a wonderful year. We wish you luck on your new year’s resolutions!