Esophageal Stethoscopes

40024-ES (24F), 40018-ES (18F), 40012-ES (12F), 4009-ES (9F)

Dual-Purpose Device

Auscultation of Heart and Lung Sounds

& Temperature Monitoring


Better for the patient

  • Bevelled tube tip minimizes balloon tears and esophageal irritation during insertion and removal

  • Heat bonded balloon to tube weld reduces rough edges, minimizing irritation during insertion and removal

  • PVC tube is perfectly formulated, providing just the right amount of stiffness and pliability

  • Long lead wire keeps the connection to the cable away from the patient’s face

Better for the Clinician

  • Specifically formulated balloon material optimizes acoustic sound transmission

  • Standard male Luer for an easy-fit connection for anesthesiologist’s earpiece tubing

  • Insert-molded, moisture-resistant connector reduces risk of liquid interference

  • Non-slip grip notches on the connector for easy usage

  • Compatible with most patient/temperature monitors

Patient Care in Mind

Starboard’s Esophageal Stethoscope

Competitor’s Esophageal Stethoscope

We use a special heat bonding process to secure our balloons to the PVC tubes. This process results in a smooth bond with no rough edges, making it safer and more comfortable for the patient.

Our competitor uses glue to secure their balloon to their PVC tube, resulting in rough, uneven edges that may cause esophageal trauma during insertion and removal.