Better for the patient

  • Sensor tip is encapsulated in soft memory cell foam to minimize risk to tympanic membrane

  • Barrier foam collapses and expands to fit comfortably, sealing off the ear canal from ambient air, providing accurate temperature readings without physically touching the tympanic membrane
  • 30-inch lead wire keeps the connections to the cable away from the patient and out of the way

Better for the Clinician

  • Push tube acts as a strain relief and aids in insertion and removal

  • Insulated 36 gauge lead wire enhances accuracy, reducing ambient influence on the temperature reading

  • Non-slip grip notches help with handling

  • Insert molded, moisture-resistant connector reduces the risk of liquid interference

  • Compatible with most patient/temperature monitors

Patient Care in Mind

Competitor’s Tympanic Temperature Probe

Starboard’s Tympanic Temperature Probe

Many competitor’s sensors use cotton on the end of their sensor, much like a Q-tip. Reports of tympanic membrane perforation exist with this type of device.

Our tympanic temperature sensor has dual memory cell foam cushions, one that cushions the tip to help reduce the risk of tympanic membrane perforation, and another that seals off the ear canal for a more accurate reading. The foam collapses and expands to perfectly fit every ear.