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Starboard Medical Temperature Probe Brochure


Monitor and protect every patient every time, learn more about Starboard Medical’s disposable temperature probes.


Starboard Medical CLIK-FIX Catheter Securement

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Starboard Medical Clarisonus Plus

Clarisonus Plus Literature



Starboard Medical Clarisonus

Clarisonus Literature


Starboard Medical Tympanic Membrane Temperature as a Core Temperature Reading

Tympanic Membrane Temperature as a Core Temperature Reading


Starboard Medical Intra-Operative Auscultation of Heart and Lungs Sounds: The Importance of Sound Transmission

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Starboard Medical Continous Esophageal Temperature Monitoring with Auscultation of Heart and Lung Sounds, a Dependable but Forgotten Adjunct to Physiological Monitoring During Anesthesia

Starboard Clinical Notes #1_Page_1


Starboard Medical Esophageal Stethoscope With Temperature Sensor



Starboard Medical General Purpose Temperature Probe



Starboard Medical Tympanic Temperature Sensor



Starboard Medical Skin Temperature Sensor


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