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Starboard Medical Temperature Probe Brochure


Learn more about Starboard Medical’s disposable probes that help you comply with the required standards with accuracy, reliability and great savings in cost.


Starboard Medical CLIK-FIX Catheter Securement

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Starboard Medical Clarisonus Plus

Clarisonus Plus Literature



Starboard Medical Clarisonus

Clarisonus Literature


Starboard Medical Tympanic Membrane Temperature as a Core Temperature Reading

Tympanic Membrane Temperature as a Core Temperature Reading


Starboard Medical Intra-Operative Auscultation of Heart and Lungs Sounds: The Importance of Sound Transmission

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Starboard Medical Continous Esophageal Temperature Monitoring with Auscultation of Heart and Lung Sounds, a Dependable but Forgotten Adjunct to Physiological Monitoring During Anesthesia

Starboard Clinical Notes #1_Page_1


Starboard Medical Esophageal Stethoscope With Temperature Sensor



Starboard Medical General Purpose Temperature Probe



Starboard Medical Tympanic Temperature Sensor



Starboard Medical Skin Temperature Sensor


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