Better for the patient

  • Adhesive on the soft foam comfortably attaches to the patient’s skin

  • Sensor is embedded into the foam to reduce pressure on the skin surface and enhance accuracy

  • Skin sensor design dissuades off-label use, prioritizing patient safety and comfort

Better for the Clinician

  • Reflective Mylar backing insulates the sensor to enhance accuracy

  • Insulated 36 gauge lead wire reduce ambient influence on the temperature readings

  • Non-slip grip notches on the connector for easy usage
  • Insert-molded, moisture-resistant connector
  • Compatible with most patient/temperature monitoring devices

Patient Care in Mind

Starboard’s Skin Temperature Sensor

The sensor in our skin temperature sensor is embedded in between two layers of foam. This ensures that the sensor is not indenting into the patient’s skin, but rather “floats” on the skin.

Competitor’s Skin Temperature Sensor

Our competitors do not embed their sensors in their devices, leading to patient discomfort. The sensor presses down directly onto the skin, leaving indentations and irritation.