400 Series and 10K Thermistors



Thermistor Manufacturing

Thermistor Manufacturing

Starboard Medical’s 400 Series and 10K Thermistors are available in various configurations with straight or twisted pair lead wire. The assemblies are composed of a thermistor soldered to insulated PVC jacket lead wire and capped according to customer specifications. Thermistors are available in various color and connector configurations.


-Designed for use in biomedical applications

-Custom tolerances/resistances available

-Available in a range of R/T curves

-400 Series accuracy +/-0.1°C @ 37°C and +/-0.2°C from 5-45°C


-Skin Temperature

-Core body Temperature (esophageal, nasal, rectal, bladder, tympanic and myocardial)

-Axillary Temperature

-Digit Temperature

 Electrical Specifications

Parameter                                        Unit                      Value

Nominal Resistance @ 25°C           Ohms                       2252

Nominal Resistance @ 37°C           Ohms                       1354

Nominal Resistance @ 45°C           Ohms                      983.4

Tolerance @ 37°C                               °C                         +/-0.1

Tolerance @ 5-45°C                           °C                         +/-0.2