We know that when it comes to medical products, specifically temperature probes, you have a variety of companies to choose from. Starboard Medical takes the time and effort to make our brand stand out from our competitors. We strive to be the best company for our patients and customers. Here are a few of the initiatives we have taken to make our brand stand out and be the best we can be. 

  • We create all products with patient care in mind
    • For each product Starboard designs, we do our research on the pre-existing products in that market. We map out each patient complaint and find ways to prioritize patient comfort. For example, the beveled tips on our esophageal stethoscope and general-purpose probes help to minimize irritation during insertion and removal. Our tympanic probes are crafted with soft foam to avoid damage to the tympanic membrane. Our skin sensor is embedded in foam to help reduce the risk of pressure points. Patient comfort is our number one priority in every product we make.
  • We craft products with clinicians’ use in mind
    • As well as crafting our products with patients in mind, we also think of the clinicians. When designing products we strive to address clinicians’ complaints on pre-existing products. Our products are made easy for them to use and adaptable to their machines. Our esophageal stethoscope has a specifically formulated balloon material to help optimize acoustic sound transmission. The skin sensor includes a reflective mylar backing insulating the sensor to enhance accuracy. We have FDA 510 (k) clearance for nasal, rectal, and esophageal placement with our general-purpose probe. Our tympanic temperature sensor has a push tube that acts as a strain relief and aids in insertion and removal. We know that clinicians have many options when it comes to medical devices, but Starboard Medical loves to provide them with an option that best helps them complete their job.
  • We keep up with all kinds of guidelines
    • At Starboard Medical, we understand the importance of following guidelines and standards. We ensure all of our products stay up to date with the latest guidelines and standards to ensure they are the best for our customers. In crafting a line of temperature probes, we aim to encourage clinicians to follow WHO, MHAUS, ASA, and AST guidelines on monitoring patients. As well as promoting these guidelines, our products also are RHOS 3 compliant. We know not all manufacturers are there yet, but we are.
  • We are a small business
    • Starboard Medical prides itself on being a small business. Although this can sometimes be a challenge in the medical device industry, we work hard to be recognized. Being a small business has allowed us to take better care of and pay attention to detail. We take the time to prioritize patient comfort over big corporations. Besides these aspects, supporting small businesses helps contribute to our economy and creates more jobs. Starboard Medical prides itself on being a small business.
  • We are a women-owned business
    • Starboard Medical is a women-owned business making us very unique. Our CEO/President, Kerry Edgar has helped pave the way for other women-led businesses and inventors in the medical field. Supporting diverse and/or women-owned businesses helps foster growth, equality, and elevates the importance of women in business.

Although there are many medical device companies to choose from, Starboard Medical works hard to differentiate ourselves and be better than our competitors. We know you take the time to choose the medical devices that will best suit your and your patient’s needs, and we hope you consider using Starboard Medical’s products when making this choice.