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About Starboard Medical’s Skin Temperature Sensor

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Starboard Medical’s skin temperature sensors (400-SK) combine a precision thermistor with a soft, pliable, adhesive foam disk for the attachment to patients’ skin. The junction of the sensor tip and lead wire is placed inside of a specifically designed pocket within the foam to reduce pressure and irritation on the skin. The skin temperature sensor provides for accurate temperature measurement of the skin’s surface and may be placed on the skin at any site on the body. Recommended placement sites are axilla, forehead, or any other skin surface as clinically indicated. Soft adhesive foam disk allows for easy placement and removal.

Product Features

  • Starboard Medical’s Skin Temperature Sensors feature soft foam adhesive and a precision 400 Series Thermistor Temperature Sensor
  • Mylar reflective backing provides insulation from heat lamps and other lighting, improving sensor accuracy
  • Thinner lead wire is less stiff and more pliable for application on the skin and reduces the interference of ambient air on the temperature reading (the stem effect)
  • The sensor is embedded in the center of the foam disk to reduce the likelihood of sensor separation from the foam. This feature also decreases the risk of irritation for patients with thin, sensitive skin
  • Responds rapidly to temperature changes on the skin’s surface
  • Medical grade foam adhesive pad helps assure accuracy by reducing environmental interference
  • Long lead wire allows for the connection to the cable to be off the patient

Product Specifications

  • Individually pouched sterile single-use probe
  • Insert molded moisture resistant “Molex” Style connector
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.1°C @ 37°C, +/- 0.2°C @ 25°C to 45°C
  • 30 inch, 36 gauge lead wire
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