A History of Catheter Securement

Did you ever wonder where catheter securement devices came from, who invented them, who developed them, or why they were ever created in the first place? The history of catheter securement devices started with a tragedy - a needlestick injury that would change the way catheters are secured for the better.  According to [...]

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Tips For Medical Distancing

“We just can’t get this close anymore!” REDUCE THE NUMBER OF TIMES FOR DIRECT CONTACT — REDUCE PPE USE, REDUCE CONTAMINATION RISK #1 Pre-Triage Assessment How do we pre-triage from a distance? Rather than using a hand held intermittent monitor that requires close proximity to the suspect patient and increases contamination risk, why not use [...]

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Resisting Change – Why Many Hospitals are Behind the Times

Hospitals today have nurses of varying ages across 4 very different and distinct generations. A lot of nurses have been working at the same place for the majority of their career and are comfortable doing what they have always done. They are also a little too comfortable using the medical devices they have always [...]

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