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What is the Clik-FIX Universal catheter securement device?

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The Clik-FIX Universal catheter securement device (LLS-1021, LLS-1024) is designed to stabilize and secure any medical tubing junction with a Luer lock connection. The foam adhesive base provides a cushion for the Luer lock hub to minimize pressure points on the patient’s skin. The foam top strap with a Luer lock window holds the Luer lock in place by providing a physical barrier around the connection, thereby reducing direct adhesive pressure on the top of the hub and patient.

  • Center split release paper allows for easy removal of the release liner and placement of the device
  • Skin-friendly adhesive is solvent-free, comfortable and holds well
  • Stabilizes any medical tubing with Luer lock connection
  • Window cutout feature reduces direct pressure on the hub and patient
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