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What is the Clik-FIX PICC/Central catheter securement device?

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Starboard Medical’s Clik-FIX PICC/Central catheter securement device (WCS-1000, WCS-1003) makes securing a PICC or Central catheter easy. Clik-FIX is a universal device designed to secure most PICC and Central catheters with an active dual locking mechanism. When it comes to catheter securement, the method of securement can have a direct impact on catheter complications, functionality, and dwell time. Clik-FIX is an effective alternative to sutures, tape, tape-based stabilization, and other securement systems.

  • Helps prevent catheter movement and migration
  • Engineered to withstand an 8-pound pull force
  • Patient and clinician-friendly placement and removal
  • Works well with existing catheter dressing protocols
  • Comfortable, stable, secure
Clik-FIX PICC/Central Securement Device

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