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What is the Clik-FIX Peripheral catheter securement device?

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The Clik-Fix Peripheral catheter securement device (PCS-1011) is an all-in-one Engineered Stabilization Device (ESD) with bio-occlusive dressing. This device is “All ‘n One”, and replaces the need to use individual tape, gauze, and transparent dressings. The window provides a clear view of the insertion site and the surrounding skin. The Clik-Fix Peripheral Device is designed to stabilize the catheter at the hub and also at the Luer lock junction, providing two times the stabilization to help prevent catheter movement, dislodgement, and associated complications. Superior securement helps IVs stay active longer, which reduces complications and costs.

  • All ’n One Engineered Stabilization Device for Peripheral IV Catheters
  • Bio-Occlusive dressing protects the insertion site
  • U-shaped window provides for visualization of access site and surrounding skin
  • Foam base pad cushions the load on the skin to help reduce pressure injury risk
  • Non-irritating adhesive foam and dressing provide superior securement yet are easy to remove
  • Replaces tape and transparent dressing
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