Introducing Mask2Shield™, turn any mask into a protective shield in seconds.



No one could have predicted that 2020 would fold out as it has. Recent events have changed how the world works, how we do things. It has changed the protocol for almost every aspect of life, and has made us reconsider what is important. Washing hands? Important. Socially distancing? Important. Wearing a mask? Extremely important. But what about a protective shield? Why do we think it is safe to go to the grocery store with our mouth and nose covered, but not our eyes? 

Eyes aren’t just the window to the soul, they are the gateway for infection.

Using a protective shield can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and healthcare workers know this. But in the beginning months of the pandemic, the US ran into some issues. 

Healthcare workers were being forced to use and reuse subpar protective equipment and had to suffer because of it. COVID-19 spreads by way of droplets. The WHO recommends that all healthcare workers take precautions concerning droplets and contact with patients suffering from COVID-19, including the use of medical masks, eye protection, gloves, and gowns, but healthcare workers have just been taking what they can get.

It got so bad that the president of Starboard Medical even took a 6-hour road trip to drop off PPE to her nurse friends whose hospitals had run dry. Their workplaces didn’t have enough to go around. They were buying PPE with their own money, reusing what little PPE the hospitals gave them, or even using face shields that the local high school 3D-printed for them. It is inspiring to see the community coming together amidst this pandemic, but it is not a long term solution to the obvious problem. We need more options for PPE. 

Various companies started to make use of their manufacturing abilities, produced more PPE, and came out with new products. We wanted to help too. 

Starboard Medical is about to launch a new product, Mask2Shield protective shield, because there is a need that was not being met. Our product is made in America and doesn’t rely on the supply chains that got us in this shortage in the first place. Mask2Shield attaches to any mask that you already have, like an N95 or surgical mask. It works in tandem with the PPE you are already wearing, like respirators, surgical caps, gowns, and even prescription glasses. It is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use. We designed Mask2Shield so that there will be no additional pressure behind the wearer’s ears. Mask2Shield includes an elastic head strap that you can use to further secure the shield to increase lateral coverage. The elastic strap can be attached in 3 different positions, allowing for a more customized fit. The strap also allows the shield to be worn just as protective eyewear without attaching it to a mask. 

Mask2Shield is very low-cost compared to other face shields. Instead of reusing and having to disinfect the face shield, Mask2Shield is meant to be single-use and disposable, making it safer and less likely to spread contamination. 

Wearing a face shield drastically reduces the likelihood of exposure. One study claims that “you are three times less likely to get COVID-19 if you wear eye protection”. Another determined that “face shields were shown to reduce immediate viral exposure by 96% when worn by a simulated health care worker within 18 inches of a cough”. 96%!!!

Mask2Shield eye shields are comfortable, easy to use, and help prevent you from touching your eyes and accidentally infecting yourself. All healthcare workers are recommended to wear a protective shield, so why not the public as well?

Try Mask2Shield for yourself. You can pre-order your samples here, and we will send them off when the product launches. 

Protect yourself during this pandemic and use Mask2Shield.