Starboard Continues to Innovate New and Improved IV Catheter Securement Devices


Yorba Linda, CA. (September 13, 2017) –

Starboard Medical will showcase the newest version of the CLIK-FIX IV Catheter Securement System at the Association of Vascular Access Annual Scientific Meeting, September 16-19, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Starboard Medical began its journey into the development of IV catheter securement devices after one of its partners personally experienced difficulties with the market leading securement device.  The negative experience, a PICC line dislodgement, ignited the development and launch of the Clik-Fix Catheter Securement Device.  The Clik-FIX Securement device is specifically engineered to stabilize the catheter and help prevent catheter movement and dislodgement.

Approximately 90% of hospital patients will receive an IV catheter, greater than 200 Million IV catheters annually. Of those catheters, approximately 10-30% will dislodge and nearly all of them will experience some inadvertent movement which can lead to patient complications and increased costs. It is estimated that catheter dislodgements cost the US healthcare system $1 billion dollars a year. Micropistoning of the catheter in and out of the insertion site creates friction at the site which can lead to irritation, oozing and infection.  It can also allow microorganisms such as staphylococcus epidermidis to enter the site and attach to the external lumen of the catheter and form biofilm putting the patient at risk of acquiring a life threatening bloodstream infection.  Keeping the catheter “quiet”, as motion free as possible, can help prevent complications associated with catheter movement.  Clik-FIX catheter securement is designed to do just that, to help prevent inadvertent movement of the catheter resulting in less complication risk.

Research presented by Victor Lange, MS, MSPH, CRC titled “Securement Strength and Motion Reduction Properties of a New Novel Engineered Stabilization Device” revealed there are demonstrable performance differences between Clik-FIX and leading IV catheter securement devices.  This research showed the Clik-FIX PICC Securement Device is 650% better at micro-pistoning motion prevention and 46% stronger in pull force testing than the most commonly used PICC securement device.

The unique stabilization features of the Clik-FIX provides a positive and noticeable difference to patients and caregivers alike. “Clik-FIX catheter securement allowed a little girl with a long term CVAD to finally have a jumping house on her birthday. Hearing the positive reviews from patients, caregivers and, in this case, a wonderful mom is so exciting” stated Kerry Edgar, President of Starboard Medical.

Starboard will conduct presentations demonstrating the advantages of the new Clik-FIX Catheter Securement Device at Booth #620 on Saturday, 9/16 5:30-8:00pm, Sunday 9/17 12:30-3:30pm, Monday 9/18 12:45-3:45pm, and Tuesday 9/19 12:15-2:15pm.

About Starboard Medical, Inc.

Starboard Medical is an innovator in catheter securement and patient temperature management, focused on developing progressive product designs that significantly improve product performance, safety, and outcomes. Providing solutions for healthcare providers that enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes is our focus. The rapidly growing company provides clinically superior medical products, components, and sub-assemblies to the medical community. The Starboard Medical line of products features patent-protected technologies such as the Clik-FIX™ line of securement devices and the Clarisonus™ Plus Esophageal Stethoscope with listening device.  Starboard Medical is a certified women owned small business enterprise headquartered in Yorba Linda, Ca.