Research Presented at the AVA Annual Scientific Meeting Confirms Clik-FIX™ Stabilizes and Secures Catheters Better Than Other Securement Devices

Clik-FIX Catheter Securement from Starboard Medical Outperforms Currently Available Securement Devices in Research Study

Starboard Medical, Inc., a small, woman-owned manufacturer of innovative, clinically superior IV catheter securement devices, announced today that new research featured at the 2021 Association for Vascular Access Annual Scientific Meeting identified Clik-FIX™ Catheter Securement Devices as being better at securing catheters, reducing micromotion, and utilizing moderate adhesive compared to existing catheter securement devices. AVA 2021, originally intended to be held at the Gaylord Palms resort in Kissimmee, Florida, went fully virtual. The digital event, having taken place from September 16-19, 2021, is the premier scientific event within the vascular access industry.

The study, “When the dressing is compromised… how well does the securement device stabilize?”, conducted by Patrick Evangelista, RN, BSN, MSN, VA-BC and Joven Vincent Valle, RN, BSC, CCRN, revealed that there are significant differences between currently available IV catheter securement devices. The results show that the Clik-FIX PICC/Central and the Clik-FIX Soft PICC devices had the highest pull-strength values at 17.68 lb. and 17.84 lb., nearly 3x greater than other devices tested. Because stable and secure catheters are associated with less risk of complications and infection, understanding what type of securement device provides better catheter stability is an important factor to consider in patient care. Evangelista’s study aimed to evaluate the catheter stabilization characteristics of several commercially available securement devices (without the use of a dressing) for their ability to secure and stabilize when subjected to multiple pull force angles, micromotion at the insertion site, and adhesive peel strength. A total of six simulated use tests were performed in this study providing impactful and realistic data related to securement device performance. To determine the true stabilization properties of the securement devices tested, Evangelista’s research focuses on testing the securement device by itself rather than the securement device coupled with other devices such as a transparent dressing. Previous studies on catheter securement were conducted by testing the securement device coupled with a dressing making it unclear as to which device truly stabilized the catheter. Transparent dressings are commonly used to secure catheters, but they also fail 67% of the time. Thus, knowing the true values related to the securement devices being used under the transparent dressing is of utmost importance.

Evangelista’s research consisted of pull-force testing which was conducted at 4 different pull angles to simulate a wide variety of possible tugs and pulls on a catheter line. A micromotion test was conducted to determine the amount of pistoning that can occur at the catheter insertion site with a slight line tug. Additionally, an adhesive peel strength test was conducted to better understand the adhesive properties of each securement device.

Evangelista’s study ultimately confirmed that “the catheter securement, stabilization, and adhesive strength properties of the ASDs tested are not equal. How well they hold and stabilize greatly varies”. The study reports that “The devices considered novel in this study (Device #1 and Device #2) [the Clik-FIX PICC/Central and the Clik-FIX Soft PICC devices] demonstrated significantly better pull force values and micro-motion prevention properties than the leading ASDs tested in this study. The adhesive peel strength of Device #1 and Device #2 tested in the mid-range, suggesting it is neither too strong nor too weak.”

The study confirmed the Clik-FIX PICC/Central and the Clik-FIX Soft PICC devices secured catheters better than the other devices tested as they had the highest pull-strength values and some of the lowest values for catheter micromotion at the insertion site. The peel strength testing revealed that Clik-FIX offers a moderate adhesive, neither too weak or too strong when compared with the other devices tested. Too high or too low peel strength values are not desirable. Too high is usually associated with devices that can cause skin irritation and tears and too low is associated with devices that can fall off the patient.

Overall, this study showed that Clik-FIX Catheter Securement Devices are better at stabilizing catheters than the other securement devices researched in this study. The authors concluded, “Based on our findings, we have recommended implementing Device #1 and Device #2 … We have found they are simple to use, hold the catheter well, and are less cumbersome to remove than the previous ASD.”

“We are extremely pleased to share the results of this study shown at the AVA Annual Scientific Meeting. This data demonstrates that our Clik-FIX catheter securement devices hold and stabilize catheters better than leading devices, offering providers and patients a better solution for securing and dressing catheters”, said Kerry Edgar, CEO of Starboard Medical.

It is well known and documented that catheters that are allowed to move, even if only a little, can lead to a plethora of complications such as bloodstream infection, phlebitis, dislodgement, migration, etc. Today, better, more innovative options for securement devices exist. Clik-FIX Catheter Securement is specifically designed to hold and stabilize catheters better and help reduce complication risks.

Patrick Evangelista and Joven Vincent Valle’s study can be viewed in the AVA 2021 ePoster gallery here.

Visit Starboard Medical’s website to learn more about Clik-FIX catheter securement devices.

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