Starboard Medical’s New Technology Outperforms Market Leaders in an Evaluation Study


Yorba Linda, CA. September 24, 2018 – Starboard Medical Inc., a manufacturer of innovative and contemporary catheter securement devices for the acute care and home infusion markets, announced today that new research findings presented at the Association of Vascular Access annual conference on September 16, 2018 identified Clik-FIX™ Catheter Securement as a promising alternative to the market leading securement device. Rochelle Griffin, RN, BSN, CRNI revealed there are significant performance differences between the novel securement device, Clik-FIX, and the leading IV catheter securement device in her presentation “Out with the Old or In with the New, Catheter Securement what Should We Use?” Griffin’s study was conducted to evaluate the clinical performance of a new securement device compared to the hospital’s current securement device. The clinical end users in this study comprised of a seventeen member vascular access nursing team responsible for placement and maintenance of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICCs) at a 4 hospital system representing a total of 880 beds.
Prior to evaluating the novel securement device a survey was conducted on the current device. This survey revealed that the current securement device is not without issues. 90% of respondents have experienced a skin tear when removing the device, 50% experienced the device breaking apart, 60% are worried about the upward motion required to unlatch the device, 30% stated they have at times had to use something other than their gloved hand to open it, 40% find it difficult to unlatch, and 50% have had a catheter move or dislodge when secured with the device. The occurrence rate of these issues varied from the low rate of approximately 5 times per year up to 1 out of every 5 uses.
The novel securement device, Clik-FIX, was evaluated for 1 month. All PICC lines, new insertions and dressing changes, were secured utilizing the new intervention. The post evaluation survey of the novel device found 98% of users reported zero skin issues at removal, 100% said the device did not break apart, 100% were able to open it with only their gloved hand, 86% rated it easier unlatch, and 100% said they experienced zero issues with catheter movement or dislodgement. Overall, 77% of the clinical evaluations rated the Clik-FIX device better than their current, market leading, catheter securement device.
“The results show the novel device may offer advantages related to ease of placing catheter in, ease of unlocking/unlatching, catheter securement/motion prevention, reduction in upward movements, product durability, product fit, and skin irritation” stated Griffin. Griffin’s presentation concluded that the novel securement device (Clik-FIX) was well liked by the vascular access team and patients and recommended for use at their facilities.
Maintenance of the PICC line is paramount and securement devices are supposed to provide a certain level of security. Placing the PICC line in and removing it from the securement device should be simple and not compromise the PICC line or the patient. The securement device should be durable providing excellent catheter stabilization to prevent inadvertent movement, dislodgement and other complications. “The findings from this evaluation study show Clik-FIX catheter securement provides: simplified application and removal, superior catheter stabilization, and better comfort and fit. These benefits positively impact clinical use, patient care, and costs,” said Kerry Edgar, President of Starboard Medical, Inc.