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Six Reasons to Switch

  1. Universal: can secure any medical line with a Luer lock junction, as well as a variety of other catheters and medical tubing.
  2. Securement cover: helps to prevent inadvertent catheter motion and dislodgement by nestling around the perimeter and back of the Luer lock. Easily repositionable if access to the Luer is required.
  3. Foam base pad: cushions the load on the skin at the catheter hub/Luer lock junction and aids in keeping the catheter at the optimal angle of insertion.
  4. Solvent-free adhesive: skin-friendly adhesive. Comfortable, stable, and easy to remove.
  5. Luer lock window: allows for visualization of the catheter hub/Luer lock junction. Avoids downward pressure on top of the junction.
  6. Soft, Low profile design: no hard plastic parts to catch on things, bruise skin, or cause discomfort.


  • Made with patient comfort in mind
  • Adhesive we use is skin-friendly, yet strong
  • Foam base pad cushions to help prevent pressure injuries
  • Securement cover attaches to the foam base pad, rather than directly onto the patient’s skin
  • Window secures the hub without exerting downward pressure


Most catheter securement devices do not cushion the catheter hub/Luer lock junction, increasing risk of pressure injury

The Clik-FIX Universal device cushions the catheter hub/Luer lock junction to reduce the risk of pressure injury

The foam base pad of the Clik-FIX Universal device not only cushions the catheter hub, but also helps maintain the optimal angle of insertion


The Clik-FIX Universal catheter securement device is easy to use. The securement strap on the device can be peeled off and repositioned if adjustments are needed. The device is also universal and can secure almost any catheter or medical tubing.

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