Which device would you rather have securing your PICC line?

Clik-FIX Soft PICC

Other Device

Other Device

Clik-FIX secures better.

WCS-1006 on a patient

Soft and Secure

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Six Reasons to Switch

  1. Soft foam base: device has no hard plastic parts, only soft foam to cushion the catheter wings and protect the skin.
  2. Chevron straps: hook-and-loop straps cross diagonally over the catheter wings to hold them tightly in place.
  3. Wing bed adhesive: lightly holds catheter wing in place while securing. No need to line up suture holes to posts.
  4. Universal design: straps are flexible and accommodating, and secure the majority PICC, central, and midlines with wings.
  5. Hook-and-loop base: allows securement straps to be repositioned and readjusted as needed.
  6. Skin-friendly adhesive: more comfortable, more stable, and easier to remove.


  • Cushioned foam base pad to help protect skin from pressure injuries
  • Strong, yet much friendlier to remove than other devices
  • No hard plastic, only a soft, foam cushion to reduce risk pressure points
  • Gentle and skin-friendly adhesive


  • Easily secures over a wide range of catheter wings, no need for multiple SKUs
  • Reduces complication risk, less work for the clinician, better patient outcomes
  • Easy to implement with existing catheter dressing protocols
  • Easy to place, use, and remove


  • Engineered to be gentle on the skin and better at securing
  • Universal design fitly secures most catheters with wings
  • Flexible hook-and-loop straps provide the option to readjust if needed
  • Proven to withstand over 6 pounds of pull force
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