Which device would you rather have securing your PICC line?

Clik-FIX PICC/Central Tricot

Other Device

Other Device

Clik-FIX secures better.

WCS-1000 on a patient

Innovative, Effective Securement

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Six Reasons to Switch

  1. Universal design: device can secure the majority PICC, central, and midlines with wings. No need for multiple SKUs.
  2. Wing wall: Provides better stabilization. Helps prevent dislodgement and micropistoning (650% better than the market-leading device).
  3. Adjustable locking mechanism: three adjustable positions to tightly secure a variety of catheters and provide stronger securement.
  4. Wing bed adhesive: lightly holds catheter wing in place while securing. No need to line up suture holes to posts.
  5. Securement latch: simple to use, simple to learn. Can open and close in one simple motion, yet is tamper-resistant.
  6. Skin-friendly adhesive: more comfortable, more stable, and easier to remove.

Supports INS Best Practice Guidelines

“ESDs promote consistent practice among all clinicians, reduce VAD motion that can lead to complications, reduce interruption of needed infusion therapy, and may decrease cost of care.”

WCS-1003 on a patient


  • Specifically engineered to secure better and reduce movement
  • Three adjustable positions that can be tightened according to the size of the catheter
  • Proven to withstand over 8 pounds of pull force, 2.5 times better than the market-leading device


  • Strong, yet much friendlier to remove than other devices
  • Foam cushion to reduce risk pressure points
  • Made with patient care in mind
  • Gentle and skin-friendly adhesive


  • Reduces complication risk, less work for the clinician, better patient outcomes
  • Easy to implement with existing catheter dressing protocols
  • Easy to place, use, and remove


The market-leading device has finicky gates that sometimes require significant upward force to unlatch, which should always be avoided.

The Clik-FIX PICC/Central device can be opened and closed in one simple motion – no downward or upward pressure needed.

A soft, lateral nudge is all that is required to open our device.

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