Fact: 61 seconds is the average reported response time to detect an abnormal value on intraoperative monitors1, and 34 seconds is the mean time between an event and detection with a stethoscope2.

Clarisonus Plus™ is a patented disposable Esophageal Stethoscope paired with a listening device to facilitate core body temperature monitoring and auscultation of heart and lung sounds. Standard Esophageal Stethoscopes require the anesthesia care provider to attach an entirely separate disposable or reusable device to listen to the patient’s heart and lung sounds during anesthesia.

With the Clarisonus Plus, everything you need to monitor the patient’s core body temperature and listen to heart and lung sounds is right at your fingertips. From package to placement, the product is all in one, making it simple to comply with Basic Anesthesia Monitoring Standards. Clarisonus Plus is a simple to use, cost-effective approach to anesthesia monitoring.


  • “Two-in-one” device enhances compliance with standards and promotes best practices.
    • 400 series thermistor temperature sensor accurately measures the patient’s esophageal temperature and the pre-attached listening device provides for auscultation of heart and lung sounds.
  • Cost-effective
    • No need to purchase separate disposable or reusable monoscopes
  • High-quality product
    • Specially formulated balloon material enhances sound transmission
    • Balloon to tube junction is smooth for atraumatic insertion and removal
    • Soft memory cell foam earpiece allows for easy sizing, positioning, and sealing of the ear canal for optimal sound quality
  • Time-effective
    • No need to find, open, and attach a separate disposable or reusable monoscope to facilitate listening. The pre-attached monoscope makes listening easier, as everything needed to listen is packaged together as one device.
  • Reduces risk of contact/cross-contamination
    • The pre-attached disposable monoscope reduces the risk of contact/cross-contamination associated with reusable monoscopes and/or pre-cordial stethoscopes.


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  2. Cooper J. Cullen B. Observer reliability in detecting surreptitious random occlusions of the monaural esophageal stethoscope